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Florida Real Estate Internet Marketing Company Announces Service Comparison Challenge

How Your Press Releases Can Grab the Most Attention Image credit: instapage.com Theres been a lot of recent attention paid to press releases and the links within them, which are the subject of new guidance from search giant Google. Frame the brand message in the context the audience craves. Content must do more than inform. It has to be interesting and useful to your audience members if theyre going to share and amplify your message. Rethink links. Use them strategically to provide more information for journalists and potential customers. Link the names of people quoted in the press release to their bios or related blog posts theyve authored. Embed a call to action for potential customers toward the top of the press release.Real-world example: PR Newswire client Jive Software reported a 200 percent increase in website traffic to a specific page when they moved a call to action for readers toward the top of the press release, embedding it right after the lead paragraph. Encourage on-the-spot social sharing. Highlight the key message or best piece of advice in your press release, and then embed a Click-to-Tweet link within. Format the press release to maximize sharing. Write a tweetable headline of 100 characters or fewer. (Use a deck head to add detail.) Employ bullet points to highlight key points and draw readers eyes deeper into the copy. Develop a visual communications habit. Including visuals can increase visibility.
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It is a community of small business owners. The members learn how to use and apply effective small business marketing techniques in order to attract more customers. They share free & low cost marketing ideas, via our knowledgebase, teleseminars, meetings, events and more. Our new website allows Navigator members to share tips and ideas with each other, and discuss marketing issues, via special interest groups and forums. Huddlebuy
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Es el caso del retargeting , recogen los datos de las tiendas online que mas les interesa a los usuarios para asi cuando visiten otros negocios online les parezca el banner. Caracteristicas Big Data Segun el libro Understanding the Big Data publicado por IBM en 2012, hay cuatro caracteristicas importantes en el marketing de BIG Data: Volumen: es la cantidad de datos que recogemos de cada fuente que aplicamos. Variedad: poder obtener los datos de diferentes formas y tecnicas. Cuanta mas informacion de diferentes lugares mejor. Velocidad: Es el tiempo que pasa desde que se recogen los datos hasta que se saca un analisis y una conclusion. Veracidad: que los datos que recogemos realmente son los que nos sirven para tomar decisiones. Diferencia entre datos estructurados y no estructurados. Los datos no estructurados son los que no tienen categoria, y por lo tanto dificilmente seran utiles para nuestras estrategias de marketing. Caso contrario son los datos estructurados, estos tienen categoria y nos permiten junto con otros datos tomar las decisiones oportunas. Por ejemplo, estos datos se pueden conseguir con una estrategia de Social Media: cuantos emails han abierto nuestros clientes, rebotes, clicks, cuantas visitas, horario que mas se conectan los usuarios en las redes sociales El significado es que por si solo depende de que dato no puede tener mucho significado, pero cuando se le junta con otro, la importancia del dato aumenta considerablemente.
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ARME Realty Media Clearwater FL (PRWEB) August 24, 2013 ARME Realty.com, a Clearwater FL based real estate internet marketing company , has announces their service comparison challenge for real estate professionals who have been looking for a real estate internet marketing solution. The company offers a comprehensive internet marketing plan at $199 per month flat fee. The service includes: Email list marketing and management Virtual tour production and distribution to top video portals Search engine optimization Press release writing and distribution for top 5 listings Optional MLS integration Comprehensive local real estate keyword analysis and implementation Setup and management of over 300 social network accounts and blogs The company is issuing a challenge for prospective clients. They are challenging prospects to find another company offering the same exact lineup of services for the same low price. If the customer can find it, the company is offering one year of service at no cost to the customer. “Our challenge is simple,” states Simon Landers, spokesperson. “If you can find another company offering the same exact spread of services for the same low price, we will not only match that but go one better. We will provide services for one year free of charge. It’s a challenge sure to get the wheels turning.” The company specializes in localized internet marketing. They target their marketing efforts towards the cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods where local customers are located.
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