Why Do Only 7% Of Managers Consider Social Media Skills Important For Employees? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

This compares to 61% who felt the same about soft skills and 32% for hard skills. Clearly, social media skills aren’t viewed as important in the modern day organization, even though everyone already uses them whether managers like to or not. You simply can’t avoid the 1 billion-plus users on Facebook and the more than 200 million users on LinkedIn. We live in a social economy where everyone is connected, all of the time. Managers at the majority voir of companies don’t see the value in using social media tools for promotional purposes. The study found that only 16% believe it’s very important or extremely important. For employees, social network skills can make them stand out at work, build a strong network, and increase their overall value to their company.
Pour voir l’article original, cliquez ici http://lnkd.in/EfKWSZ


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